libestr 0.1.11

libestr 0.1.11 has been released.

This release offers bigfixes and minor changes. Also, autotools requirements have been lowered.

You can download it here.

Version 0.1.11 2018-10-30

  • portability: remove issues associated with AC_FUNC_MALLOC
    This macro is known to cause issues and not provide real
    benefit. Thus many projects have removed it, as we have for most of
    the rsyslog projects. libestr seemed to have overlooked.
    This came up when troubleshooting issues on IBM AIX.
  • make build on AIX
    Thanks to github user purnimam1 for the patch
  • bugfix: es_str2num mishandling empty strings
    If es_str2num() receives an empty string, misadressing happens.
    Under extreme conditions, this theoretically can lead to a segfault.
    Thanks to Jan Gerhards for the patch.
  • CI/Travis: now also test on osX


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